Intercultural Business Communication Coach (Online)

We are currently recruiting International Business Communication Coaches for a Nikkei / Financial Times joint venture focusing on Intercultural Communication training. The role involves coaching executive clients in cross-cultural business communications. Business Coaches need to be able to ‘talk shop’ at a professional level with executives and managers.

While this is a business coaching position, the work is focused on the effective use of English in a professional context. Therefore, applicants should be advanced level English speakers with a neutral accent.

An Example Scenario

Imagine a senior manager of a major Japanese motor company, who has been dispatched to live and work at a plant in the UK or USA. Their English is at intermediate level. They are responsible for a British / American management team. While they are able to communicate in English at a reasonable level, in their professional capacity they need their language to communicate effectively and with impact.


  • Advanced English language ability with a neutral accent
  • A minimum of 10 years business management experience at a senior level
  • The ability to communicate professionally with executive clients
  • An understanding of cross-cultural communication issues
  • Experience in training business professionals
  • Business English training experience would be an advantage

Pay & Conditions

  • Full-time roles – maximum of 30 coaching hours per week – $2,800 / month
  • Part-time roles – maximum of 16 coaching hours per week – $1400 / month
  • Clients are based globally, entailing flexible working hours
  • No more than 2 consecutive coaching hours without a break
  • Paid breaks and holiday entitlement


Please send the following to

  1. A detailed CV / resume listing your business management and training experience
  2. A short video containing the following:
  • A brief introduction focusing on your business management experience (1 minute)
  • Your response to the following question (2 minutes) …

Please give an example of some of the communication challenges that could be expected when a senior manager from a Japanese multinational (B2 English language proficiency) is transferred to the USA on an expat contract, and what advice would you give them to deal with these challenges.


While TEFL and Business English experience is a great asset in this role, this is a business coaching position NOT a Business English teaching job. In your video and later interview, focus more on issues relating to effective business communication in an intercultural context rather than English language acquisition.

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