Online Course Delivery – Training for Online Tutors

”I enjoyed Online Course Delivery immensely. The facilitator (Richard Gallahad) has designed a detailed course, that gives fantastic value for money, incorporating both individual and group forms of communication and tasks. The course has given me the knowledge and tools to further my career teaching online. I can highly recommend Online Course Delivery.” – Matt in Brazil

This course is designed for English language teachers who wish to develop their career in online teaching. It covers the essentials of moderating a virtual learning environment (VLE), content design, how to effectively balance self-access content with live sessions, the facilitation of learner-centred knowledge construction, and assessment. If you think ‘teaching online’ means live lessons in a virtual classroom, then get ready to think again!
The course will be based in our Moodle VLE. Much of the interaction takes place in online forums, which means that participants can log in and work through the weekly tasks at any time. There will also be a weekly live session, the timing of which will be negotiated per the availability of the group.
This is an interactive, group course which requires active participation and collaborative work. While some pedagogical theory is covered, it is largely practical and experiential. You will come to understand the needs of online learners by being an online learner yourself. It is tutor-facilitated, and you will have daily contact and feedback.
Course Dates & Fees

This course consists of a total of approximately 35 hours, spread over 5 weeks, so you should aim to spend at least 7 hours per week on course work.

Next course run: Monday 3rd May – Sunday 6th June 2021
Fee: £36 (British Pounds)